Client Testimonials

“I have had the opportunity to hear Sheila Birnbach speak at several different Chamber of Commerce professional development courses. Sheila brings a wealth of valuable knowledge on the subject of Human Resources and is able to deliver information on what could be a very dry subject, in an entertaining and informative manner. She is constantly engaging and always challenging. I highly recommend Ms. Birnbach for executive and business training sessions. You will walk away with a new perspective and tools you can put to use in your workplace immediately. And I promise you will never look at icebergs the same way again!”
– Annick Pruett, IOM, Executive Director, Rifle Area Chamber of Commerce

“After attending Sheila’s training on management skills, members of our executive management team experienced almost instant improvement in the way we handled leadership and supervision. She gave us a valuable model for thinking through not only what we expect from our employees, but also how we communicate those expectations. We gained skills in giving appropriate (and legal!) feedback as we evaluate performance and help our people succeed. Our team has gone back to Sheila’s “Iceberg Theory” time and time again to focus our efforts. We also brought Sheila to our CU to train our entire staff in the art of “business building” and saw excellent results. I feel that Sheila’s input helped set us up for the success we now enjoy.”
– Ken Gonyer, Branch Manager, Park View Federal Credit Union

“Sheila is a Human Resource guru if there ever was one! I’ve learned so much from her, first as a student in her HR class at the US Chamber Institute, then as a collaborator with Sheila on a project for one of my clients. If you’re in need of Human Resource policies, procedures or training, Sheila should be on your go-to list! Her “Focusing on the Tip of the Iceberg” is a must read for leaders in need of staff development, organizational effectiveness and/or outstanding service. It just plain makes sense!”
– Cheryl Smith, President, CultureSmith Consulting

“I have attended several sessions facilitated by Sarah Sheila Birnbach. The experience was an eye opener and extremely helpful in my personal success. Additionally, through her direction, I was able to resolve an issue that I was dealing with for years. After attending each session, I felt positive, focused, energized and consequently more productive. I am grateful both to her and my boss who encourage me to attend her sessions. The impact and effect of attending her sessions has been everlasting and I have recommended her without any hesitation to my family members and friends, also to large associations where they have used her services and expertise.”
Souri Jahanmir, Director of Finance, Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

“Sheila Birnbach has consistently been our highest rated speaker for each of the past 24 years. Her presentation skills are second to none and her professionalism cannot be topped by anyone in the training world. She has the ability to energize her audiences and motivate them beyond the day’s training through her enthusiastic style of teaching and vast knowledge of her subject matter. Sheila delivers 100% of the time.”
Don Graham, Director, Human Resource Development, Virginia Credit Union League

“The credit union I worked for hired Sheila to offer customer service training to all of our staff. I chose the service category “career coach” because I feel that is the type of service we received from her. Her presentation offered a new way to look at how to treat our members as well as each other as co-workers. I truly feel that the training she presented offered the skills needed to be successful in any chosen career.”
Tracey Hammond, formerly Training Manager, Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union

“Sheila has given me the skills I need to successfully manage my staff by teaching me to properly communicate expectations, deal with difficult employees, document responsibilities and address conflict. As a result of her training, I have had tremendous success in setting realistic and attainable goals for my staff that I can measure and that meet the needs of the company.”
Debra A. Boronski-Burack, IOM, CCE, President, Massachusetts Chamber of Business & Industry

“It was so wonderful meeting you in Tucson. I learned a great deal from you, and was able to put it to use immediately at work yesterday. Wishing you all the best, and we’ll see you next year I hope!”
Cristal Logan, Director of Aspen Community Programs, The Aspen Institute

John Brazzell, Director, Florida Justice Association

Beth Johnston talks about her experience with BSS