Birnbach Success Solutions uses its best efforts and more than 35 years’ experience to find suitable candidates for your position. Our goal is to provide your organization with access to top candidates. Our searches are conducted in accordance with the following process:


1. Initial research
I work with the relevant individuals to discuss the details of a successful search process. Specifically, we will:

  1. Review the steps of a successful search process and ensure roles and responsibilities, timelines and relevant benchmarks are clearly defined,
  2. Ensure mutual understanding of the organization’s needs, strategy and culture as they inform this search,
  3. Facilitate the development of criteria (characteristics) for a successful candidate,
  4. Discuss the range of potential candidates that will be considered,
  5. Ensure the position description accurately reflects the future requirements and expectations for the new incumbent,
  6. Decide how and where to advertise the position,
  7. Identify potential candidates (if any) to be contacted in concert with the start of the formal search,
  8. Determine a tentative compensation package, commensurate with experience, and
  9. Plan for relocating (if necessary) and onboarding the new incumbent.

2. Position Description
I review the position description for the basic responsibilities and duties, and education and experience requisites to ensure my complete and accurate understanding of your expectations for the incumbent. Where appropriate, I offer input regarding this document. The position description serves as the foundation for advertisements to potentially qualified candidates.

3. Advertising the Position
I will establish a strategy to locate the most talented and experienced individuals and develop an advertisement that attracts qualified applicants. In conjunction with relevant personnel, we identify professional journals, listservs, and other sources into which to place the ad. I will recommend and aggressively utilize traditional and social media. Candidates will be required to send a resume and any other relevant supporting documents to assist in determining who will receive an initial pre-screen interview.

Where potential candidates have been identified, I will reach out to those individuals to obtain their resumes and any other relevant supporting documents. This offers the organization greater anonymity in contacting individuals who currently work for the organization’s strategic partners.

4. Establishing criteria
Criteria for assessing each candidate’s likelihood of viability will be established; these criteria will be used to determine those applicants to pre-screen.

5. Processing Responses/Review of Resumes
I evaluate all resumes and supplementary application materials against the criteria and the job expectations to determine the degree to which each meets the qualifications and requirements for the position. Throughout this process, we preserve the highest possible degree of confidentiality. All resumes and other inquiries are evaluated solely on the basis of the applicant’s previous job experience, successful work history, and ability to perform the job requirements as outlined in the position description.

6. Interviewing
Preparation of Interview questions – I prepare behavioral interview questions for the pre-screen and subsequent interviews.

Telephone Pre-screening – Initial pre-screen interviews of the most qualified candidates will be conducted by telephone. This is ensures that candidates actually meet the established criteria. It is our policy to pre-screen qualified candidates without regard to age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, national origin, and other legally protected classifications.

Personal Interviewing – Those individuals who appear to be both interested in and qualified for the position will be offered the opportunity for a personal interview. For this phase of the process, we require applicants to provide a portfolio of their previous work or other job-related evidence of their qualifications. In this phase I respond as openly as possible to candidate inquiries, and, where appropriate, explain the next step of the evaluation process.

7. Presentation of Candidates
I present the screened and interviewed candidates that we believe have the highest potential for success on the job. As part of the presentation, I prepare a written summary of the candidates and assist the client in arranging in-person interviews of these candidates.

8. Post Interview Discussion
Following the last interview of the client’s top candidates, I participate in a discussion of the candidates, as requested.

9. Conducting Reference and Background Checks
For individual(s) to whom the Client plans to make an employment offer, I obtain written authorization to secure reference and background verifications. All verifications are conducted in compliance with federal regulations. Reference checks will verify the background, experience and accomplishments of each candidate to whom an offer of employment is to potentially be made. Job offers are contingent upon successful reference and background checks.

10. Determining the Compensation Package
Once the hiring decision is made, I assist the Client, as appropriate, to reach an agreement with the candidate on terms for employment. After a candidate has accepted the offer, I assist the client in effectively on-boarding the new incumbent in the interest of ensuring his/her success.