Comprehensive HR Consulting


Those responsible for human resource functions play a key role in helping businesses maximize their return on HR – the largest single budget line item of most organizations. These professionals also create the policies, training programs and performance management systems companies need to meet legal obligations, increase the efficiency of staff and provide a framework for future growth.

However, these crucial human resource responsibilities are often put on the backburner when other important areas of the business – including revenues, expansion and competition – consume the focus. Even businesses with established human resource departments have been guilty of neglecting to update stale old employee manuals or job descriptions.

Whether you’re a startup company that needs to lay the groundwork for an effective human resources process or a long-established enterprise that wishes to update its policies and practices, you can benefit from working with a trusted human resources consultant. At Birnbach Success Solutions, we have helped companies of all sizes target key areas for improving their HR functions.

Laying the groundwork for new employees starts with setting expectations

Though the prospect of writing or updating an employee manual might intimidate some executives, the value of this resource cannot be understated, since many HR headaches and legal difficulties can be avoided or mitigated with a well-crafted manual. At Birnbach Success Solutions, we coach executives on the best ways to write legally compliant manuals that can be relied on to settle workplace disputes, answer employee questions and clear up policy confusion. We can also write these manuals on your behalf, ensuring the right policies are covered in depth.

This focus on setting expectations extends to formal job descriptions, which help define roles and provide prospective and existing employees with a clear picture of their various accountabilities. Building on that, human resource managers should define performance standards to provide supervisors and employees with targets against which to measure performance.

Birnbach Success Solutions can consult with your organization on these and other vital HR responsibilities, including the development of a performance management system, which can be an ideal way for executives to track the progress of employee goals, accomplishments and development areas.

Cultivating interviewing skills and following best practices for hiring and onboarding

Once standards have been established, businesses can approach the daunting task of recruitment. Building a business starts with successful recruiting, and Birnbach Success Solutions has the tools and experience clients need to hire top notch employees. Our knowledge of human resources policies and legal requirements, and our understanding of best practices for hiring and onboarding can help identify and attract top-quality candidates.

Recruiting takes significant time, which translates into a monetary investment for each hour spent searching for the right hire. To optimize the process, Birnbach Success Solutions will recruit, pre-screen and interview prospective candidates and submit to management the top finalists thereby saving the organization valuable time and energy of in-house talent.

Understanding the best practices for firing an employee

In anxious times, employment litigation increases. To ensure legal compliance, and reduce the risks of costly litigation, organizations need to hone their skills in terminating or firing employees. Birnbach Success Solutions will help your managers to handle employee terminations in a fair manner that reduces legal vulnerability.

Working with Birnbach Success Solutions helps businesses maximize their HR investment

Successful organizations focus on managing people and their concerns – including prospective and current employees. This requires a high level of care and a thoughtful approach, which we develop through our effective, customized human resource consulting services.

With Birnbach Success Solutions in your corner, your business enjoys the head-start it needs to improve hiring efforts, and handle difficult personnel challenges with sensitivity and professionalism.