Executive Coaching

An experienced executive coach can help leaders pursue more successful and rewarding careers.

An experienced executive coach can help leaders pursue more successful and rewarding careers.

Do you:

  • Need to sharpen your leadership skills?
  • Feel isolated by the nature of your position?
  • Need an objective listener with no stake in the game?
  • Feel pressured, overwhelmed or frustrated with persistent problems or disappointing results?
  • Want to achieve a better balance between your work and personal lives?

Executive coaching involves a partnership between an executive or other manager and an outside consultant who work together for the individual’s personal and professional growth, as well as enhanced performance and greater professional and personal satisfaction.

Birnbach Success Solutions has decades of experience helping executives to achieve the following goals:

  • Gain perspective, objectivity and focus
  • Conceptualize new ways of providing leadership
  • Improve decision making
  • More effectively manage your department or organization
  • Think more creatively and expansively
  • Develop “self care”
  • Adapt to change with greater ease
  • Build tolerance for ambiguity
  • Decrease reactive behaviors

The “right” coach is one who will challenge you to change, grow, explore and reflect while also acknowledging professional challenges. As an executive coach, Sarah Sheila Birnbach achieves these goals through her significant business acumen and caring, collaborative approach to leadership development. Ultimately, clients who have worked with Sarah find that they: are less overwhelmed and more in control of their careers, have improved working relationships, can more effectively build upon their strengths and have increased confidence, all of which increase their chances for better career opportunities.

To learn more about how Birnbach Success Solutions can help maximize your performance and growth, call (301) 530-6300 or email me at sarah@birnbachsuccesssolutions.com for your free 30-minute consultation.