Consulting Services

HR Consulting from Birnbach Success Solutions helps organizations achieve peak performance.

HR Consulting from Birnbach Success Solutions helps organizations achieve peak performance.

Are you:

  • Lying awake at 2:00 a.m. worrying about staffing issues at the office?
  • Trying to find the courage to address an unproductive employee?
  • Wondering how to deal with an employee “attitude” that poisons your office?
  • Working hard to motivate the seemingly unmotivated?
  • Struggling to get your diverse workforce to function as a team?
  • Putting your organization at risk due to a lack of knowledge of HR regulations?

Your organization invests more of its revenue on its human resources than any other single line item in your budget. However, in many small and mid-sized organizations, key human resource responsibilities are often deemed less crucial than other commitments. Initiatives involving customer service, revenue, expansion and competition monopolize the focus of leadership. In addition, in smaller organizations, the human resource management functions are often assigned to managers who lack an HR background.

More effective teams mean higher productivity, and greater profits

At Birnbach Success Solutions, we have helped companies of all sizes improve their HR functions and enable employees to achieve peak performance. A consultation with Birnbach Success Solutions can ensure vital HR responsibilities receive proper attention and that organizations are obtaining maximum ROI from their teams.

Implement best practices

Successful organizations focus on managing people and their concerns. This requires a thoughtful approach and knowledge of current best practices, which we can help you develop through our targeted, customized human resource consulting services.

With Birnbach Success Solutions in your corner, your business enjoys the head-start it needs to improve hiring efforts and handle difficult personnel challenges with sensitivity and professionalism.