Thank you to my clients and students for their 34 years of support!

It is with considerable emotion that I announce my retirement. For over three decades, I have found great personal satisfaction in helping professionals achieve peak performance, and I will cherish the relationships I have forged during my career. I thank you all for your support over the years.

Facilitating others’ personal and professional success and making a difference in the lives of many has given me great personal satisfaction. As my way of saying “thank you,” I am leaving the many resources available on this site with the hopes of enabling leaders and potential leaders to continue bringing out the best in each and every one of their team members. In time, I hope to add more tools for your use. Please feel free to make use of my resources, information on best practices and, of course, my videos and blog posts.

I began Birnbach Success Solutions (formerly G B Associates, Inc.) more than three decades ago, and there have been numerous highs and some lows since then. Beating the odds for success in small business, especially as a soloprenuer, is an achievement that I do not take lightly, and I thank all of my many mentors, clients, workshop participants and supporters who helped ensure the longevity and joys of my career. I’ve had countless sources of satisfaction, and many of you have contributed to that more than you might recognize.

From engaging training participants in passionate discussions to helping executives connect more effectively with their employees, I have endless great memories spanning back the many years of my career.

I wish you well in both your personal and professional lives and hope our paths cross again. Until then, I hope you find the material available here both helpful and informative, and are able to use it to help you and your employees to succeed and your organization to excel in achieving its mission.