Employee and Management Training
Human Resource Consulting, Executive Coaching

Birnbach Success Solutions (formerly G B Associates, Inc.) has, for more than three decades, maintained a consistent track record of success in motivating and developing people. The firm has enabled executives and managers to achieve peak performance from their employees through customized training programs and individualized one-on-one coaching.

Our unique concepts of staff development and human capital management have enabled numerous organizations to  achieve consistent performance and results.

Birnbach Success Solutions enables organizations to:

  • Achieve peak employee performance
  • Attract, motivate and retain top performers
  • Build successful teams
  • Create a respectful workplace
  • Embrace diversity
  • Reduce costly turnover
  • Bring out the best in every employee
  • Develop the next generation of leaders, and
  • Remain legally compliant

With our expertise in engaging and motivating teams, your organization will be better able to meet its strategic goals and boost stakeholder confidence.

Contact Birnbach Success Solutions today to learn more about the ways that we can help your organization achieve its goals. For a free 30-minute consultation, email or call now at (301) 530-6300.